Chief Blackhawk

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50th Davenport Fall International Meet
Where old friends meet, Where new friends are made

This event is all about folks who ride, preserve, restore, swap, sell and tell stories about antique motorcycles, defined as motorcycles 35 years old and older.

  • The gates open to the public Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:00 a.m.
  • Admission is free
  • We do solicit donations at the gate, how you choose to respond is strictly up to you
  • Pets must be on a leash
  • Pets are not allowed in the vending area
  • No public vehicles in the vending area
  • pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle or golf carts only in the vending area
  • No, a quad is not a golf cart, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian - no quads!

    Visitor Directions

    Please contact us if you have questions not addressed here.