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50th Davenport Fall International Meet
Where old friends meet, Where new friends are made

2021 Davenport Motorcycle Display.

In conjunction with the 2021 Chief Blackhawk Davenport Meet, we are making some changes to encourage participation and help make this a Bigger & Better show -- both for participants and spectators. Please note the following.

  • ELIGIBLE MOTORCYCLES. As before, all motorcycles, scooters, 3-wheelers & minibikes 35 Years old and older may be entered. Remember this year's theme is "1971's". How the bike world has changed in 50 years!

  • SHOW HOURS. Entries welcomed starting Thursday morning at 8:00 AM, continuing through Saturday at 4 PM. Bikes must be registered & tagged at the East door when entering the display building. Display is open from 8 AM to 5 PM Thursday & Friday, and 8 AM to 4 PM Saturday. Building WILL BE CLOSED & LOCKED EACH NIGHT -- no motorcycles removed or entered except during open display hours.

  • SIMPLIFIED REGISTRATION. Motorcycle & Owner information will be gathered as before, but we will use a SINGLE HANDLEBAR TAG rather than the 2 tags previously used. This tag will include the tear-off CLAIM CHECK portion, as well as the Registration number used for identification and awards voting.

  • NEW AWARDS. In addition to the plaques and awards previously offered, there will be some special awards or prizes at the end of the display. ONLY Bikes still in the display building Saturday afternoon will be eligible for awards.

  • AWARDS TIMES. The announcement of awards will be at 2 PM Saturday, one hour earlier than previously. This to allow our display committee time to select and identify recipients on Saturday morning, while giving the bike owners an earlier dismissal time for removal & loading should you need to be on the road Saturday. BRING YOUR ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLES & HELP MAKE THIS THE BEST SHOW YET !

  • Questions? Contact Dave Booth @ 815-875-1369 or<>