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50th Davenport Fall International Meet
Where old friends meet, Where new friends are made

The Chief Blackhawk Davenport Meet Antique Motorcycle Services and Suppliers EXPO is held in the BIG BLUE building on the Clark Street side of the South vending area.

This EXPO is envisioned to be home to any and all purveyors of products and services of explicit interest to the antique motorcycle community. This is intended to include an unlimited number of suppliers of parts and services, to include such things as machining services, restorations, painting, pin striping, frames, fabrication, books, clothing, decals, wheel building, plating, instrument repair, transmission repair, engine overhaul, etc. The intent is a permanent home for retail operations away from the weather and errant forces of nature.

What the BIG BLUE building is not intended to house is things unrelated to antique motorcycles and the enjoyment of same. So this is not the venue for furnature, firearms, kitchen ware, home improvement, etc. Antique motorcycle related goods and services please.

Space is going to be made available to folks such as the National Motorcycle Museum, Wheels Through Time Museum and marque clubs for display of standing exhibits.

Vendors who choose to "test out" the concept are not giving up their existing space in the swap meet area. You will be free to use both spaces or should you so choose relinquish the swap meet space if you determine the EXPO space fulfills your needs.

The spaces in the EXPO are reserved in exactly the same manner as swapmeet vending spaces.

Follow this link to see the layout of the: BIG BLUE building.

For more information please call Brenda at 563-381-4015.