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50th Davenport Fall International Meet
Where old friends meet, Where new friends are made

It's all about antique motorcycles!

If what you want to vend is motorcycles, m/c parts, m/c memorabilia, historic m/c related you are in the right place.
If what you want to vend is not dominated by antique motorcycle stuff please seek other venues for your activity.
There are lots of ways to look at this, but when a party looks at your space they should see antique motorcycle, if what they see is knitting, clothing, furniture, knives, guns, antique toys, beer steins, etc. this is the wrong venue. Rethink what you propose to vend or please look elsewhere.

This is an antique motorcycle event and we want very much to keep it that way.
Thank you

Spaces come in several flavors, so pay attention:

  • The spaces on the north map are 20'x25'
  • except for spaces "Inside Building" where they are 20'x20'
  • and spaces in front of the "Unused Building' where they are the width of the grassy spaces.

    The spaces on the south map are all over the place

  • Row 33 is roughly 20'x40'
  • Column I is roughly 20'x40', from row 34 through row 43
  • Column J is roughly 20'x40', from row 34 through row 43
  • The balance of the spaces are approximately 20'x20'

    All spaces are $50 if preregistering for next year, the bargain of the year
    All spaces are $60 registering between the end of this years meet and August 1 next year
    All spaces are $70 if registering at the meet.
    Electricity $45 per 30 amp hookup starting on Thursday, $15 each additional day

    The space in the BIG BLUE building is reserved for antique services, museusm displays and marque displays.

  • Space is first come, first served (i.e. assigned when you show up, no reservations)
  • Space is $5 per running foot
  • Electricity $15 per 30 amp hookup in Big Blue Building (Fair Center)

    We prefer that all registration be via the webside by following the link that follows." If ready to register for the 2020 Fall International meet please follow the link that follows: Link to preregistration

    If online does not work for you then follow the link on the left for "Paper Registration"

    Thank you

    Note: PayPal payments for vending spaces should go to

    Note: Payment by check for vending spaces should be made out to
    Chief Blackhawk

    Mailing address:
    Chief Blackhawk
    PO Box 514
    Buffalo, IA